Happy New Year, friends and family! I hope you've all had a beautiful holiday season. Thank you for taking the time to view and scroll through my new website 😊 This has been a passion project that I have procrastinated for over six months, so I thought new year, time to get off my butt and start fresh with a new site. 

I'm at the point in my life where I'm at (what I think would be) my creative peak and I know that 2017 has a lot in store, both professionally and personally. New business opportunities, hobbies, international partnerships, and travel are brewing and I wanted a place to hold them all. Not just a business site with boring case studies or a personal site that's completely blog based - I wanted the best of both worlds and this is exactly what the new mariakgarcia.com site will be ⚡

Thank you for starting this journey with me and I hope you enjoy! I'm no graphic designer, but I do think I did an alright job. Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, and check back for weekly updates.

Salamat! | Thank you!

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Maria K. Garcia