The Legacy Collective: The Idea

Something I’ve realized about myself: I give 100% of my efforts to my clients and their projects, but I can’t seem to focus when it comes to the things I’m passionate about in my own life. I can have a million ideas and start on each one of them, but I can never quite put my all into just one. I used to think I got distracted too easily - one day I wanted to DJ full time, the next I knew I was meant to be on the board of a children’s charity. Don’t get me wrong, those are still two of my passions, but neither were my own. I wanted something that began with me, that I could develop into something that would not only bring me satisfaction, but that could change the lives of those around me and those around them.

That’s where I came up with The Legacy Collective. In my mind, I knew what I wanted it to be for quite some time - I even brought the idea to some friends who liked the concept as much as I did - but I couldn’t think of a name for it. That is, until I was in my shower on a late Thursday night and the word Legacy came to me. It checked off all of the boxes: a word that was powerful, had meaning, had lots of meanings to a lot of different people, could be measured in a lot of different ways, and was a word I wouldn’t mind getting a tattoo of (yes, that was a criteria).

In its basic form, The Legacy Collective is a group of like minded individuals, mainly millennials, who are (if we’re going to be frank) getting shit done in the industries they’re in and that they love. Throughout my career and my life, I’ve been so fortunate in meeting some amazing minds in the areas of music, fashion, entertainment, art, medicine, etc., and individually they’ve all made an impact on my life and the lives of so many others. They’ve inspired me and challenged me to think and do bigger.

So I imagined getting all of these magnificent people in one room and wow: what a site that would be.

Imagine sitting in a room of the next generation of game changers. That’s what The Legacy Collective (TLC) is. That’s what it embodies.

I want TLC to inspire us as a generation. I want it to be a place where we get together and we network. Look, we’re all aiming to succeed - why not succeed together, build each other up, and reach a broader audience than if we were to do it alone? We’ll all win.

Now, I don’t have all of the kinks quite figured out yet, but writing down the idea in this blog post is my declaration and my manifestation that it’s going to be real platform, and it’s going to be fucking amazing.

Stay tuned.



PS, I’ve made an Instagram page for it. Hit a follow if you want to see the process: @thelegacynow