Playboy's Playhouse in NYC - The Fantasy is Real

This summer I promised myself to take a break from the hustle and enjoy some time off. Then I was offered a chance to freelance for Playboy and I couldn’t resist.

We know what the magazine stood for in past and recent years, but it has changed. It’s not the same Playboy anymore and I think I happen to like the new version way more. In celebration, the iconic establishment hosted a four day, private yet inclusive-to-the-public, pop up shop: Playhouse NYC.

Similar to the LA shop, it was equip with rooms that brought the magazine to life - for those four days, the fantasy was real.

We hosted an exclusive press preview followed by panels, interactive workshops, and talks relevant to the magazine and its new outlook. We even (yes, I participated) built our own vibrators. Win.

Take a look at some of my favorite pictures from the four-day event below and shoutout to Jonathan (@jonathan.jericho) for these pretty sick pics!