What is your ethnicity and how old are you?

I am Filipino - a little dab of Spaniard and Chinese in there too, and I was born in 1991 making me 25 years old.

what is your favorite color?

It changes all of the time, but I always go back to yellow!

where do you want to travel this year?

Definitely back home to the Philippines! But I also want to land in Cuba at some point. 


how much do you get paid per project?

Depends on the project 😊

who made your website for you?

I've loved custom HTML coding since the era of MySpace. I built the entire thing on my own, with the help of a basic template. Googling how to do things was not scarce in the process. 


Would you move to la?

For some reason, I get this question A LOT. I'm definitely looking to move somewhere, but it's all in my mind for now. Once I know where that place is, I'm sure it'll go up on Instagram!

what is your snapchat?

Since I can't link Snapchat here, my username is @msmariak. Im honestly taking a break from snapping, but I'm sure a filter will reel me back in soon.

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